What We Do

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Virtual emergency and disaster relief information has become abundant and accessible via the internet and smart phone technology over the past several years.  Using common social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, phone apps, texting, and blogs allow people from anywhere in the world to assist individuals and communities during natural disasters and man-made crises.  Additionally, other social media and virtual endeavors are created in various formats:  software tools; online platforms; mobile applications; educational posts; podcasts and YouTube channels.  This expansive digital technology is used by existing organizations and NGOs, new start-ups,  government-based initiatives, nonprofits, independent virtual initiatives, and storefronts.

Info4disasters is a collective, made up of individuals and groups in place around the world, whose mission is to connect international and local relief agencies and real-time information to the people and places in a disaster situation, whether as a responder or a victim.  We are dedicated to gathering, organizing, and providing public access to life-saving information and resources.  We provide:

    • Disaster, first aid, and human rights information via our website content and “Quick Links”;
    • Access to Emergency Responder tools, initiatives, and response activation; and
    • Development and implementation of special projects.

Info4disasters was first established by a team of seasoned online and boots-on the-ground responders in January 2011, with a launch of Info4disasters.org in August 2011   Our work, although based in the Info4disasters.org website, expands into many international projects.  Info4disasters currently manages two program initiatives :

  1. Global Community of Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs).  When a disaster happens somewhere in the world, the EOC is a place to gather information related to the disaster, relief efforts, real-time information.  Each disaster has its own EOC, created & managed independently by individuals who are working or affected by that particular event.  Our Global Community of EOCs is a safe environment for individuals and/or groups to develop country/regional  EOCs.  These are designed to be independent and are not supervised by Info4disasters directly.  They are not subject to the challenges of any larger website and are able to be easily transferred whenever needed/desired.
  2. Emergency Responders Community (ERC).  Join us at http://info4disasters.org/info4erc/, a virtual support center developed by Info4disasters, in partnership with the Standby Task Force and others, for virtual and Boots-on-the-Ground Responders to recover, reflect, and relate to others who have experienced trauma of this type. Membership (free) is required to participate in the ERC.  Info4disasters leadership and designated individuals provide moderation to maintain integrity of the content and membership. This space is for both learning and de-briefing, managing our own trauma, “compassion and just to do some post-event chilling-out. The ERC is yours to build as we need…create groups, begin discussions, make friends and meet comrades. This is SAFE space…confidential…meant for responders, professional resources and supporters.

Please visit, join, explore, and consider where, how and what Info4disasters.org can be for you. If any problems or tweaks are needed in the sites, please let us know!

Thanks so much for being here…and for all you do in the name of safety, recovery, humanity, and human rights.

Be safe! Be prepared! Be well!

Leesa, Christina & Donna
Co-founders, Info4disasters.org