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Northern Texas Tornadoes

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Crushed autos sit amid the rubble as emergency personnel continue search efforts to locate people in that are unaccounted for in the destroyed Rancho Brazos neighborhood of Granbury, Texas, Thursday, May 16, 2013. Ten tornadoes touched down in several small communities in North Texas overnight, leaving at least six people dead, dozens injured and hundreds homeless.

Thursday, May 2013. Ten tornadoes touched down in several small communities in North Texas overnight, leaving at least six people dead, dozens injured and hundreds homeless.  Photo via Dallas Star AP

In Northern Texas, 10 tornadoes touched down overnight, including one monster tornado, ‘almost a mile wide’.  They appeared  in several communities, Granbury being the hardest hit.  EMS Search and Rescue teams face a demanding and chaotic situation in Granbury.  There are still search and rescue operations taking pace, with about 100 injured, and 6 found dead so far.  In the Northern Texas, tornadoes touched down in the area of the town of Granbury.  The deadly storm system had a powerful impact, leaving in its wake mere rubble collapsed homes, obliterated neighborhoods, shocked communities, 100s homeless, and 20,000 without electricity. To convey the devastation, Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds advised that the total of people injured, or dead has the potential to climb as search and rescue teams pick through the debris of tattered and destroyed homes. The hardest hit within Granbury was in the southern end of the town with the well known neighborhoods of Rancho Brazos Estates and DeCordova Ranch.  The town of Granbury, Texas has an estimated population of 8,000 residents.


The top priority “is to try to get the people that are out there in the community under a shelter somewhere” and to account for the missing.

 -Granbury Mayor Pro Tem Nin Hulett

 *Authorities warn death toll could rise as rubble searched

* About 100 people injured as homes destroyed, trees uprooted

* 3 separate tornadoes strike near Dallas-Fort Worth 


American Red Cross Shelter Finder 

Shelters Open:

First Christian Church Of Granbury
2109 W. Highway 377
Granbury ,TX 76048
Shelter Capacity : 100
Current Residents : 31

(as of 3:41PM CDT May 17, 2013)




Louisiana Flood Relief – 2011

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PRESS RELEASE:  From Sweden to Franklin, Louisiana, with Love via Text, Voice & Tweet


“There is more to twitter than breakfast cereals”

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Via brittblog by Brit Warg on Monday, 16 May 2011…

Workers instal donated GeoDesign flood Barriers in Franklin, Louisiana, May 2011


Once upon a time, a Swedish Geodesign Barrier boss just happened to be in the US for a “Flood Fighting Fair” in Albuqurque, when the great Mississippi River started to flood, due to heavy rainfall and snow melt. As he already had some barrier stocked in America, he saw the possibility to help – free of cost, of course. However, having tried – in vain – to deploy the barrier somewhere in the Memphis area, he was now struggling to find a suitable place for it in the Louisiana district. So – come Saturday evening, I had a phone call:

“Britt, maybe you could try to find me somewhere, via… that Twitter thing?”, said this non-tweeting Swede.
Of course I could. After some initial, pleading tweets to all my followers and specifically to the journalist types, emergency disaster contacts, various news agencies etc – things started to move, in that viral way that things tend to move on Twitter. Result! A few hours (!) later, my boss received a call from emergency contacts in Franklin, Louisiana. They had found the perfect place for our barrier.
And so it happened, that a soon-to-be flood stricken town in the deepest bayoo of swampy Louisiana received a temporary flood barrier. A flood barrier which now will protect them against the predicted flood water – ETA on Thursday, at the moment of writing this blog post. You might have heard on the news that the Morganza Spillway has been opened to avoid flooding of the most vulnerable areas of the Mississippi delta. Tough decision, as consequently, other places will be flooded. Franklin is one of them.
I must add that this would not have happened, had it not been for the incredibly speedy help of lovely Donna and Leesa at @info4disasters . They were the ones who ultimately put my boss in touch with local emergency staff in Franklin. Here is the press release they gave out:
Amazing what you can do from the comfort of your armchair on a Saturday night – instead of watching the Eurovision Song Contest.
The top two pictures shows the deployment.