Special Projects

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[important]Emergency Responders Community[/important]

[important]Health & Diseases – real-time reports from Africa[/important]

Through its reporting platform, Health&Diseases enables unprecedented collaboration between the African citizenry, doctors, health workers, the civil society, community based organisations, digital humanitarians and tourists to monitor the health situation in near real-time.


Child Relief and Care Services/ Groupe d’Appui aux Enfants

Christina Kraich-Rogers, International Representative for CRCS/GRAPE, and info4disasters support this project through organization and website contributions.

From their Website:

The organization has the role of working with the families, to frame the children and adults everywhere in the country by granting them a new orientation in their life mode, spiritual, family, and social for the construction of a new business. This organization bears the name of (Child Relief and Care Services/ Groupe d’Appui aux enfants CRCS/ GRAPE). With solid spiritual and social base based on the ethics which translates the representative the reflection of the moral persons, dynamic, justified contributing to the development of them even be of their community.


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[important]Multi-lingual First Aid[/important]

Twitter Posts & Information Repository






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[important]Twitter Hashtags[/important]


Petition for Freedom:

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Emergency Response Hashtag Continuity




for severe weather: #(location)wx




#smhc, #medical #1stAid4

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