Volunteer Opportunities

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Info4responders: Current Volunteer Opportunities

Help Needed:

International/Remote Volunteers

Help map with KTM LivingLabs and Humanitarian OSM Team/Nepal Earthquake: bit.ly/HOTNepal

Translators Without Borders: free, professional translations. Volunteer sign-up via their website: http://bit.ly/1GkjEsB . Email rebecca@translatorswithoutborders.org for with questions.

Standby Task Force: Activated for Nepal Earthquake. Apply to join: http://bit.ly/1GuMTvq

Long-term Help Needed:

 Volunteer Needs are compliment of Open Crisis, who we thank for all their hard work!


A message from Justine Mackinnon to volunteers.





Click Here to Become a Digital Humanitarian!


Please post current volunteer needs for recent events and/or ongoing recovery in the comments section.  Be sure to note the organization, event location, volunteer effort (e.g., virtual, social media, mapping, boots-on-the-ground) and a link to where to apply.  Thanks you so much for your service!

Organizations to Join

Volunteer Opportunities Want to be a mapster? See what they do… an AWESOME organization! Many of us Info4 people are also mapsters! Watch this video from Patrick Meyer at an USAID conference, July 18, 2012