Country-based EOCs

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In-country Emergency Operations Centers, or EOCs, vary from robust systems to a desk and chair.  Our Global Community members joined this initiative in order to create a complete resource for use in emergency response, communication, and training.  They also joined to create & contribute to a tight network of native and regional individuals of like minds.  Together they have supported & assisted each other in times of crisis.

Our Global Community EOCs are not created for on-the-spot, in-the-moment event use alone.  They are web-based, vetted source pages for emergency resources.  Recommended content for virtual EOCs includes ongoing, updated information for countries and regions, such as:

  • Basic regional emergency information, including ports and emergency contact numbers.
  • In-country & regional responding organizations.
  • Feeds of current alerts.
  • Status feeds of vital resources such as power outages and road closures.  If available, these will be official.  If not, they will be source via reliable sources as unconfirmed

The EOC ultimately is owned by the community member.  Ownership can officially be transferred at any time.  We only ask that it remain in keeping with our info4disasters mission and integrity.  If/when this transfer occurs, info4 will provide a notification explaining briefly the history and autonomy of the site.  If desired, info4 will facilitate the use of a website address and point to the appropriate address.