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Africa Health and Disease Reporting

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Health and Diseases real-time reports from Africa is Citizens Initiative developed in 2013, based on Ushahidi-Crowdmap to monitor  the health situation in Africa: outbreaks, health system improvements, positive events. It leverages on Technology to coordinate incidences and Actions.

Through its reporting platform, Health&Diseases enables unprecedented collaboration between the African citizenry, doctors, health workers, the civil society, community based organizations, digital humanitarians and tourists to monitor the health situation in near real-time. Health&Diseases went live on March 15,2013.

Our workflow you can see here:
If you want join to our team – please contact us via email.
If you want to become a volunteer – please fill out this form. [ ] – community crowdsource map being done globally and virtually or by:
by sending a tweet with the hashtag: #africamed

Sign info4 Petition Against Twitter Jail during SMEM Responses

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info4disasters is spearheading a campaign against the use of Twitter “Jail” during lifesaving emergency response.

Tags to exclude:

Hashtag Name Use/Purpose
#1stAid4 Urgent first aid information.
#firstaid Urgent and general first aid information.
#shelter Urgent shelter information.
#smem “Social Media for Emergency Management”
#vost “Virtual Operations Support Team”
#SBTF Standby Task Force
#ushahidi Crisis mapping platform deployed in emergencies
#redcross #ARC Red Cross response and activities
#IFRC International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent
#USGS US Geological Survey
#NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
#wx attached to severe weather threats and events